Jin-Sin Women and Children's Hospital About the beginning of happiness

Love, satisfaction, vitality, pregnant mothers, in addition to bear children, the heavy responsibility of procreation, but also must work hard 280 days of pregnancy, but also worried about the unborn baby can successfully give birth? You can grow up safe? These concerns really allow mothers both excited and uneasy mood.

We are a group of caring, energetic, love of work, respect for life, health care workers, to caring moms, we think about how to build a dedicated mothers who make satisfactory exclusive space, not only to take into account the mother's safety, and even more to make the newborn has Botox care environment and efforts.

Meanwhile, Jin-Sin Women and Children Hospital uphold the "family-like care ‧ departure from love" business philosophy, the intention to provide services only expect to pregnant mothers who work hard, to have been loved, respected the actual experience!

The pursuit of exquisite quality of service

We have the most professional and welcoming service medical prevail moms.
To give moms a more comfortable space, we moved to a new hospital was 104.3.18.

IVF center was established and Laparoscopic and Minimally Invasive Surgery Center, Assist couples trying to get pregnant enhance pregnancy rates, and to give technical assistance to support medical and psychological.